Young Skip Plum plans to give his mother a butterscotch pie for her birthday, but a miscalculation by the baker sends the pie skyward. Sailing over the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower and the Acropolis, the pie tours the world only to ends its travel with a smashing surprise for Mrs. Plum.

It was Evelyn Plum's birthday. The Plums gave her a party.
Hilary Plum gave her mother a shovel. Gerald Plum gave his wife a left-handed doorknob. Old Seymour Plum gave his daughter a large melon. Alicia Plum gave her sister a pine cone.
Young Skip was going to give his mother a butterscotch pie, but it hadn't arrive yet.
The baker was late.
Skip stood at the window biting his lip. Would the baker get there in time?
Skip heard a noise. Speeding round the corner came the baker's truck.
The baker knew he was late. Just in front of the Plum's house, he hit the brakes. But he hit them too hard. Skip's pie went flying through the air.

It did not stop.

For pie lovers everywhere.

Illustrations by Clare Skilbeck
Hardback published in the US in 1993 by Viking
ISBN 0-670-85150-7
Hardback published in the UK in 1993 by All Books for Children, London
ISBN 1-85406-179-8
Paperback published in the UK in 1993 by All Books for Children, London
ISBN 1-85704-033-3

I wrote this story on a L1011 flying between Los Angeles and London. The only problem is, I don't like a pie being more well-traveled than I am!

Viking has run out of stock in the US but the book may still be available
in hardback and paperback in the UK.

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