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Other Books by the Artists
I've worked With

You know, I say I've worked with them but that's not really true. Most people are surprised to find that authors and illustrators rarely work together. People think that at least we talk to each other. But that's not always the case. After the words are done, it's up to the artist. I don't tell her or him what to draw -- it's their imagination at work from then on. I've met Raúl, Dan L. and David but I've never met Dan A., Cecilia, Denise or Clare... I'd like to someday.

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EN00510A.gif (2368 bytes) Scott Nash (Cows Going Past)

Snow Day!
Betsy Who Cried Wolf!
The Bugliest Bug
Martian Rock
Pet of a Pet
Oh, Tucker!
Six Hogs on a Scooter
Henry the Fourth

... and more...


EN00510A.gif (2368 bytes) Raúl Colón (Buoy Home at Sea)

Always My Dad
A Band of Angels : A Story Inspired by the Jubilee Singers
Habibi : Naomi Shihab Nye
My Mama Had a Dancing Heart
No Condition Is Permanent
Secrets from the Dollhouse
Tomas and the Library Lady
A Weave of Words : An Armenian Tale
Yolanda's Genius
The Christmas Barn
Dancing in Cadillac Light
The Snowman's Path
A Shepherd's Gift

... and more...


TN00600A.gif (2085 bytes) Cecilia Eales (What I Saw at Sea)

What I Saw at Sea


NA01485A.gif (1759 bytes) Dane Lane (The Cherry Migration)

A Christmas Card for Mr. McFizz
The Legend of the Flying Hot Dog
Valerie and the Silver Pear
Santa Cows
Shawnee Bill's Enchanted 5 Ride Carousel
Santa Cow Island
Santa Cow Studios
The Animal Mall


NA01491A.gif (2104 bytes) David Scott Meier (Jeremy Quacks)

What's Wrong Now, Millicent

If you're ever in Laguna Beach, CA, check out David's Studio.


TN00598A.gif (2204 bytes) Clare Skilbeck (Pie in the Sky)

Dinosaurs at the Supermarket


NA00055A.gif (2202 bytes) Denise Teasdale (The Moose in the Dress)

Mrs. Mary Malarky's Seven Cats
Rob Goes A-Hunting
Walter's Magic Wand

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