A boy goes sailing with his father and sees the most amazing sights in the sky: A giant duck, a huge fish, a turtle with a camel on its back, orangutans dancing on top of an enormous balloon. But every time he tries to tell his father to look, something interrupts: sails need to be changed, lunch needs to be eaten, naps need to be taken. When the day is done, the sky is empty. No ducks, no camels, no orangutans. There aren't even any clouds.

My Father has a sailboat. It's not very big, but it's not too small, either. It's the perfect size for the two of us to go sailing in and, if she wants, Mother can come too. But she usually doesn't.

One day, Father and I went to sea. It was a beautiful day for sailing; not too windy, but not too calm, either.

For both of my Dads; who encouraged me to dream and taught me how to make my dreams come true.

Illustrations by Cecilia Eales
Published in 1991 by All Books for Children, London
ISBN 1-85406-074-0

I wrote the first draft of this book while on early morning watch on a 52 ft sailboat in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. It had been a beautiful sunrise and the sea was calm and peaceful. Perfect. I looked up and saw a cloud that looked like a giant duck flying so fast there was smoke coming from its feet. That became the first amazing sight of the book. I especially like Cecilia's remarkably beautiful water colors.

This book was published by ABC in the UK. It may still be available. Ask for it at your booksellers.

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