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This stuff should be in my file cabinet but it's probably in one of the piles on my desk.

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Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market

An excellent resource for any writer. Edited by the always surprising Alice (Mad Hatter) Pope. The 2004 edition contains an interview with me by Anna Olswanger. It's called Surviving a Writer's Hard Times. Anna did a great job with this as I sound much smarter than I am. You can read the interview at Anna's site.

The Authors Guild Bulletin

If you are a professional writer and don't belong, you should. A great organization. Write them for more info.
330 West 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036. Or visit the Guild on the Web.

Solar Living Source Book from Real Goods

Real Goods is a great company that sells all kinds of interesting environmentally friendly, alternative energy products. The source book is 650 pages of facts and products. Call them for a catalog: 800-762-7325, or visit the Web site..

Latitude 38

The best sailing rag around. Free if you can find it at your local chandlery. It's amazing that this is a local magazine. The quality of the writing is excellent - especially max ebb's column. The letters are very amusing as well. Read it.

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Occasionally I have some reviews lying around. Good ones, that is. I put the bad ones away--never to see the light of day...

AG00060_.gif (18393 bytes) Weird Stuff from the Past

Sometimes strange things seem to crawl out of the file cabinet. I don't know why they do this. Maybe they just need some fresh air. So I'll look up and there will be an old report. Or a really bad story I once wrote. Or a bill from 10 years ago. Or a newspaper article...

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