Why is there a moose in a dress creeping around this boy's bathroom? Nighttime can be scary enough without that (not even counting his sister who's always trying to scare him). When his parents remodel his bedroom (and put in new curtains) the moose decides to split. That's when the boy realizes that maybe the moose wasn't that bad after all.

At night, when I go to bed, a horrible thing happens.
A moose in a dress tries to sneak into my room. It's terrifying.
I don't think the moose wants to hurt me, but something's not right about a moose that's wearing a dress. I mean, if
he wasn't up to something sneaky, why would he have it on?

For all the comfort and caring during the nights of the Moose, I dedicate this, with love, to Mom.

Illustrations by Denise Teasdale
Published in the UK in 1991 by All Books for Children, London
ISBN 1-85406-099-6
Published in the US in 1991 by Clarkson Potter (Random House)
Published in France in 1991 by Pastel

STORY: A true story. Yep, honest. At least most of it is. When I was little my mother and I had a bed-time ritual. I would get in bed and she would stand next to the door to the bathroom (I was allowed to leave the light on in there so my room didn't get too dark). She'd slowly open the door, to allow maximum light into my room, but as soon as my curtains cast the shadow of the moose in the dress, I shout "too far" and Mom would close the door just a little. Only then could I sleep.

ILLUSTRATIONS: Denise Teasdale demonstrates how a talented illustrator can improve a book. Here moose is hysterical and the little touches she added, like the yellow dress with pink bunnies and the wide-eyed teddy bear, create a sense of warmth and comfort and humor.

This book was first published in the UK.
Then in France.
And finally by Clarkson Potter in the US.
It is no longer available in the US but ask for it at your local French or British bookseller.

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