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Movie Nights Aboard Migration
(with the Big Screen!)

September 2012
   On Pana Umala Island in the Louisiades of Papua New Guinea, we filmed the children of the school
   as they practiced a dance. Then we brought in the projector and generator and showed it to them.
   They loved it! We also showed some old cartoons.

June 2012
   The Muppet Movie (the original) (onshore for the kids at Viani Bay, Vanua Levu, Fiji)

July 2011
   Finding Nemo (onshore for the kids at Buakonikai, Rabi, Fiji)

October 2010
   Mutiny on the Bounty, Part 2 (onboard s/v Visions of Johanna, North Minerva Reef)
   The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (onshore at Big Mama's, Pangaimotu, Tongatapu, Tonga)
   Mutiny on the Bounty, Part 1 (onboard s/v Visions of Johanna, Pangaimotu, Tongatapu, Tonga)
   The Wizard of Oz (Uoleva, Ha'apai, Tonga)

August 2010
   Shark Tale & 3 old Mickey Mouse cartoons (onshore at Niuatoputapu)

October 2009
   Casablanca (onshore at Niue Yacht Club)

August 2009
   Blue Planet - 2 episodes (Moorea)

June 2009
   Tuxedo (onshore at Pautu & Maria's, Baie d'Anaho, Nuku Hiva)

March 2009
   Ladyhawke (onshore at Gaston & Valentine’s, Anse Amyot, Toau Atoll)
   Casablanca (onshore at Calixte & Tania’s, Katiu Atoll)

June 2008
   Mary Poppins (onshore in Rikitea, Mangareva, Îles Gambier; dubbed in French)

December 2007
    American Graffiti (New Year's Eve)
    How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Christmas Eve aboard s/v Cop Out because of rain)
    Thanks, Katie!
Galapagos (Discovery Channel Series) First two hours. Thanks, Pseu!

June 2007
    Cool Hand Luke (onshore at Puerto Amistad)

April 2007
    Pirates of the Caribbean II (onshore at Barillas Marina)

February 2007
    Eight Below

July 2006
    Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
    Galaxy Quest

May 2006
    Good Night and Good Luck
    School of Rock

April 2006
    Don Juan de Marco

March 2006
    Captain Ron

What We've Been Listening To

With Apple's lame updates to iTunes, this data isn't as easy to get as it once was (I'm not sure it was working properly anyway). So I think we won't be updating this list for a while. Not that it matters. We all have better things to do.

Most Played from the iPod

This is on hiatus because iTunes is such a lame program and doesn't seem to remember the most-played songs.

through February 2011
The Big Blue
Deep Forest
Charlie Brown Christmas
The Edge of Christmas
James Taylor
Francis Cabrel

Migrations 14
 (I don't think we are resetting the play count. The list is almost always the same.)
Deep Forest
Ottmar Liebert
Bliss (various artists)
Francis Cabrel
Eric Serra (The Big Blue)
Buena Vista Social Club

Migrations 13
Deep Forest
Ottmar Liebert
Bliss (various artists)
Francis Cabrel
Buena Vista Social Club

Migrations 12
á - MTV Unplugged
Francis Cabrel - Sarbacane
Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - IZ
Dido - No Angel
Deep Forest - Deep Forest
Ottmar Liebert - Nouveau Flamenco
Christopher Parkening & David Brandon - Virtuoso Duets
Various Artists - Bliss
Enya - Amarantine
Eric Serra - The Big Blue




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