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   A list of books and articles I've published since I left to go cruising.
This book was published in hardcover by Random House in 1999. Now it's available as an eBook. If you love the sea, you will love this book. I promise.

Buy it from Apple, Barnes & Noble, or (as a last resort) Amazon.

My first e-book. A funny short novel for young people, but old people can read it as well if they have a sense of humor.

Buy it from Apple, Barnes & Noble, or (as a last resort) Amazon.

Even if you don't buy it, perhaps you will spread the word that it's available. Thanks.

 Changes in Latitudes - Fast Track to Thailand  LATITUDE 38, December 2012
 Fair Weather Sailor - South Pacific Weather Simplified  LATITUDE 38, February 2011
 Passage Power  SAIL, January 2011 (or possibly December 2010)
 Meeting the Moai  SAILING, August 2010
 Uphill Milk Run  MULTIHULLS QUARTERLY, July 2010
 24 Hours at Pitcairn  BLUE WATER SAILING, July 2010
 Hide the Guide  SAIL, 2010
 South Pacific Primer  LATITUDE 38, January 2010
Article Online
 Quiet Means Safe  SAIL, 2009
Article Online
 Anchoring in Calms  OCEAN NAVIGATOR, October 2009
Article Online


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