10 June 2014 - All Around Phuket, Thailand

BB said we get to take my birthday off, & not go to the boat yard. Yay! Since its just us now, no workers, we can take the day off to celebrate & have fun. Over a yummy birthday breakfast of bagels & lox, BB gave me a card & a map of Phuket with birthday hats printed all over it. He had a big day planned, & fortunately, we had fine weather, because we were going to all those places marked on the

The first stop was the Upside Down House & the Amazing Maze, which weve been driving by for several months now, wishing we had time to go. It was great fun thinking of different poses in which to take photos all throughout the house. The maze was a bit silly, but we were in such a good mood, so glad to be out having fun, that we made the most of it.


The next stop was the Butterfly Garden another thing wed seen signs for, but never made time to visit. It was a beautiful greenhouse environment with butterflies everywhere among the plants & flowers, & even alighting on us sometimes. There was a room upstairs with chrysalis in various stages of development. Fascinating. We had lunch there, then drove to the next destination, which was, much to my surprise, Mini Golf!

I had no idea there was a mini golf course on Phuket. We both love putt-putt golf. This was a bit different more like a miniature version of a real golf course (no clowns or windmills), but we made it more like putt-putt by challenging each other to play each hole differently, such as standing on one leg, or putting through your legs. We had the place nearly to ourselves, & had a blast.

BB had told me to bring clothes for a fancy dinner, so we changed (after sweating all day, a change of clothes was very much needed anyway), & I was quite puzzled when we began driving back towards the condo. We were almost all the way home when he diverged toward the water on a road wed never explored. He had discovered a new restaurant at a fancy resort where we were the only customers, so we received royal treatment. The dinner was delicious, & the miniature birthday cake scrumptious.

What a wonderful man I have chosen to spend my life with. He is creative, smart, fun, loving, appreciative, kind, thoughtful, giving, spontaneous, interesting & interested, adaptable, compassionate, talented, patient, handsome, romantic, quick to learn, sociable, self-motivated, health conscious, a good communicator, independent, charitable, loves traveling & sailing, & he respects himself & me. Hes also an excellent writer & poet, a good storyteller, a wonderful cook, & overall simply the most outstanding husband a woman could ever hope for. Lucky me.

says ADR