Mexico.jpg (5321 bytes)MIGRATION TO MEXICO!

If you have emailed me and not received an answer, I truly apologize. This last year has been one great step in a project (life-dream...) I started 20 years ago... to fix up a sailboat and go cruising. In June 1999, my wife (at the time) Dana, and our dog and cat, Brandie and Bacardi, moved aboard Migration, our 46' Cross Mk II trimaran which we have been working on for 10 years. We sailed down the coast of California and Baja California, through the southern Sea of Cortez, and across to mainland Mexico, finally ending up in Puerto Vallarta in April 2000. It was a fantastic experience.

We headed back in 2001 for more adventures. I've sailed back to California in November 2001. Now we are back on land (for a while) and I am catching up on my email. I will get to all of them eventually. I'm also ready to visit schools again. Are you interested?

There will be more about that trip on these pages in the future. For now, here's a map of our voyage and a picture from before we left (San Francisco in the background).

Fair winds and following seas,

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