Jeremy is a pretty individual kind of duck. Though Father Duck, Mom Duck, Grammy Duck and Gramps Duck all want Jeremy to come in the pond for a swim, Jeremy thinks it's more fun to hang out with the horses, cows, dogs and pigs. He's pretty good at sounding like his new friends as well. But, when the neighborhood cat shows up, Jeremy decides it's a good time to be in the pond with his family.

In Ducklington, everything is fine.
The water is cool and clear.
The grass is soft and dry.
The trout swim. The sun shines.
The sparrows sing.
And all the ducks float on Ducklington pond.

Except for one.
Jeremy sits on the bank.

For Marcie, who always spoke her mind.

Illustrations by David Scott Meier
Published in 1989 by Picture Book Studios
ISBN 0-88708-104-5

Can't really say what inspired this book. But I know where the first line came from. I'm a Morris dancer (Morris is a fun, energetic, old English dance) and Ducklington is one of the traditions (types of Morris) that I dance. Also, my grandfather used to always say "Everybody's fine". I think it was a combination of the two that mixed in my brain for the start of this book.

Unfortunately Picture Book Studios went bankrupt several years ago. Simon & Schuster inherited their list and decided not to reprint Jeremy Quacks. It's not currently available.

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