"The goal is good libraries for the children of today and better libraries
for the children of tomorrow.  We must constantly remember what excellent
library services can do for children.  We give children hope, dreams, words
to think with, inspiration, information, positive role models, cultural
validation, self-esteem, personal attention, a listening ear, opportunities
to participate in the life of their community, moments of delight, answers to
questions, and questions to answer.  What other public agency can offer so

Virginia A. Walter, author of Children and Libraries: Getting It Right

Here's something that everyone should remember:

Strong school libraries increase student success.

That's a period after success. The sentence doesn't need disclaimers, addenda, or qualifiers. Nothing. Because it says it all.

I was fortunate enough to grow up during the heyday of California schools. We had good funding, low class sizes and great facilities -- including libraries. Now, as an author, I'm back in those schools speaking with students and teachers. How can it be that the same state that used to be #1 in the nation in so many categories, is now ranked 50th in school library programs? (California has one school librarian for every 6,179 students. The national average is one librarian per 882 students. See below for some sobering statistics.)

I believe in the importance of our school libraries. You should, too.

Support your school libraries. Here's what you can do:

Together, we can make every student a success.

Some Sobering Facts about California School Libraries

  California US Average
Ratio of Books to Students 11 books/student 18 books/student
Ratio of Library Media Teachers to Students 6,179 teachers/ student 882 teachers/student
Amount of Per Pupil Expenditures for Library Materials $0.78/student $7.47/student

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