Cows Going Past

dot_clear.gif (42 bytes)A car trip. Staring out the window. What do you see? A town. A tree. A  barn. The sea. What else? COWS! Lots of them. And they cows who know how to have a good time

We are going.

We are going far.

We are going far

on a trip in a car.

From the window,

with nose against glass,

everything goes past.

Everything goes past... fast.

dot_clear.gif (42 bytes)For Dana

Illustrations by Scott Nash
Published in 2005 by Dial Books for Young Readers
70 pages - ISBN 0-8037-2902-2
Editor: Lauri Hornik

Starred Review in Kirkus
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I wrote the first version of COWS GOING PAST over 10 years before I sold it. It received 40 rejections from various editors before Lauri Hornik, who seems to have misplaced some faith in me, bought it. I'm glad she did. It was about time those cows found a home.

Cows has received very good reviews and has gone into a second printing.

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