When a jar full of cherries realize they are being eaten, they escape from the restaurant and certain death. Led by the brave Plover, they embark on a journey to find a safe home. Out of the city and through the country they head towards the fate that awaits them.

One day, in a famous restaurant in a great city, the man who makes sundaes and sodas and creamy cold milk shakes ran out of cherries. He walked down to the basement and opened a great metal door that led into a refrigerator as big as a bedroom. he grabbed a jar of cherries from the shelf and went back to the kitchen. it was a big jar. You would need both hands to carry a jar of this size. And it would take hours to count how many cherries were inside. The soda jerk (that's what you call the man who makes sundaes and sodas and creamy cold shakes) used these cherries to top the whipped cream that covered his icy desserts. The cherries were almost perfectly round. They were shiny, and of the most wonderful red color.

My thanks to Michael Mullen.

Illustrations by Dane Lane
Published in 1988 by Green Tiger Press
ISBN 0-88138-098-9

STORY: I really was working as a soda jerk when I started writing The Cherry Migration. This book took three years to complete. It was worth every hour. It still remains my favorite published title. I like the book because it evokes so many different emotions in the reader. Some readers think it is a sad story. Some think it's inspiring. I find it very hopeful. You never know what will come from those events that seem tragic.

ILLUSTRATIONS: Dan Lane's illustration's are so rich and his cherries so full of character, you probably will never eat a maraschino cherry again. He is a true master of his art.

Green Tiger Press was bought by Simon & Schuster who decided to let the book go out of print after the second printing. I'm currently looking for another publisher. If you would like to be on the mailing list for information about this book, email me.

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