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Details of Mr. Balan's life are conflicting and confusing. Some say this is due to the erratic and adventurous lifestyle which that man has led. However, it is more generally agreed that the real reason lies in Mr. Balan's habit of telling half-truths and falsehoods with a look of incredible sincerity upon his face. For example, it was believed that Mr. Balan was born in Long Beach, California and attended class in Southern California until graduating high school in 1977. However, when asked about his early years, Mr. B. simply smiles and wistfully replies, "There is nothing like growing up in the Amazon.... those were good years."

It is known that Mr. Balan attended the university of California at Santa Cruz for 2 years where he studied Physics and Greek History. He then completed his upper level schooling at San Francisco State University, graduating in 1981 with a BA in Radio and Television Production. His explanations for the sudden change in universities and direction of studies are wildly disparate, ranging from, "They were after me," to "It was at the request of the French Government," to "I felt like it."

After working in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles for a brief spell, Mr. Balan set off in 1983 for what he calls "a meeting with destiny" but which most researchers label "extensive travel". The following years included confirmed reports of transoceanic voyages by sailboat, threats by angry, gun-toting yacht owners, detention by the British Authorities, nannying in Lausanne, hitchhiking in France, wallowing in Bermuda and soda-jerking in London.

It was during his so-called 'restaurant' period that Mr. Balan begin to write books for children. Undaunted by his inexperience (some called it 'lack of skill') or by multitudinous rejections, Mr. B pressed on, pen in hand, towards a goal he knew he someday would attain: excessive wealth through children's literature. Upon his return to Los Angeles, the ignorant gentleman learned that excessive wealth and children's literature do not belong in the same sentence and therefore pursued his goal simply because he had nothing better to do with his time.

Finding himself thrust by fate into a chair facing a computer screen, Mr. B somehow acquired the necessary knowledge to relate to both computers and humans at the same time! Thus the man busies himself with the world of electronic things when not engaged in writing silly stories.

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Before Bruce Balan became a writer, he worked as a messenger, plumber, videotape engineer, sailing vessel crew, nanny, bartender, dishwasher, short-order cook, soda jerk, sous-chef, programmer, computer systems and software designer and consultant.

Bruce attended the University of California at Santa Cruz for 2 years where he majored in Physics. He finished his undergraduate degree at San Francisco State University where he graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BA in Radio and Television Production in 1981. He began writing for children in 1985 while living in London, England. His first book, The Cherry Migration, published in 1988, was inspired by the time he spent working as a soda jerk there. After returning to the United States, Bruce continued writing while pursuing a career in software design. This lead to his position as head of technical development at a small software development firm which he helped establish.

In 1993 Bruce left the firm he founded to spend more time writing. Because of his background in software design and his love of children’s literature it was natural that Bruce began working in the world of multimedia. He has written for a variety of multimedia titles including Reading SEARCH by Great Wave Software.

Bruce is the author of many books for children, including his picture books The Cherry Migration, Jeremy Quacks, What I Saw at Sea, The Moose in the Dress and Pie in the Sky. His middle-grade fiction series, Cyber.kdz, breaks new ground in children’s literature by combining high-tech adventure, international characters and real personal issues faced by children worldwide. The series is published by Avon Books. Buoy, Home at Sea, is Bruce's newest book. It is published by Delacorte Press (Bantam Doubleday Dell) and was the recipient of a 1998 Parent's Choice Award for Picture Books.

Bruce serves on the Board of Directors of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and The Read In! Foundation. He created the position of Technology Advisor for the SCBWI in 1995 and served in that position for 5 years -- creating and developing SCBWI's online and technology services. He is a requested speaker at conferences and schools.

Bruce Balan’s Office is a unique site on the World Wide Web and was the first site created by a North American author. For more information about the Cyber.kdz series visit 

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