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Bottled Messages
We throw bottles over with a message in them. Here's a map of where we've tossed them overboard, and which ones have been found. Click on the map for a larger image. Here's a photo of found message #6.
 TOTAL MESSAGES TOSSED: 22 (between July 2009 and September 2012)
 #20Found by Dani Saville while fishing near Stevens Reef, Queensland, Australia
Approximate position: 20 36.248'S, 150 03.549'E
  Tossed overboard 13 May 2012
  Found on 14 July 2013
  Distance traveled: approximately 1,880 nautical miles
  Gift sent (from Thailand) signed copy of Buoy, Home at Sea
  Dani wrote: Was pretty excited that I found it :) have been on the look out for one since I was little.
  Photo: The Message
 #19Found by Jason Petersen and friends on Cowley Beach, Queensland, Australia.
  Tossed overboard on 13 June 2011
  Found on 16 October 2012
  Distance traveled: approximately 2,000 nautical miles
  Gift sent: signed copy of Buoy, Home at Sea
  Notes: Found by Jason and his mates while walking back to camp after a couple of hours fishing
 #14Found by Alexandra, Ali, Colin, Paul of Ireland, Australia, and the USA on Fraser Island's East Coast (just north of Eurong), Queensland, Australia.
  Tossed overboard on 16 November 2009
  Found on 6 September 2011
  Distance traveled: approximately 1,220 nautical miles
  Gift sent: signed copy of Buoy, Home at Sea
  Notes: Found by the bride and her friends at her wedding
  Photos: The Bottle
              The Message
              Ali (the Bride) and Friends (including Alexandra)
              Colin and Paul
 #17Found by Robyn Heffernan of Auckland, NZ on the beach in Motukahakaha Bay, North Island, NZ.
  Tossed overboard on 18 November 2010
  Found on 16 January 2011
  Distance traveled: approximately 232 nautical miles
  Gift sent: signed copy of Buoy, Home at Sea
  Photos: The message
              The beach where it was found
              Robyn's cousin's son Bradley with the bottle
  #13 Found by Monsieur Eroy Baou, a local Kanak, in the boat pass near the north tip of New Caledonia.
  Tossed overboard on 15 November 2009
  Found in mid-April 2010
  Distance traveled: approximately 1,000 miles
  Gift sent: Painted wooden fish from Mexico
  Photo: Message #6
 #6Found by Nadia Taputu. She hasn't reported where she found it.
  Tossed overboard on 12 September 2009
  Found in August 2010
  Distance traveled: don't know yet.


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