23 March 2010 Ė Whangarei, NZ

Yay, the painting of the masts is finally finished! Four long hours both yesterday & today & I got to do it all. BB wanted to help, but he just isnít the perfectionist that I am, & doesnít have the patience to make sure thereís complete coverage. Where he painted, there were lots of holidays & missed spots, which would've been a shame since this International Paints (Interlux) Perfection paint is so amazing. It flows beautifully with no stipple marks from the roller even without brushing out after rolling. Iíve never worked with such a nice paint. It rarely drips or sags, & the high gloss finish is awesome. I was extremely pleased with the results which is a good thing since the paint is certainly not cheap & I didnít want to have to do it over again.

Painting indoors made my eyes sting from the toxic fumes, but the use of Trevor's shop made all the difference in the finish. It was such a lucky break that he had 3 days left on his lease after he moved out & he was willing to let us use the space. It was windy as heck & spitting rain today, which would've been incredibly frustrating if we were outdoors.

BB was very supportive & appreciative of my painting efforts, while I appreciated his mixing the paint & standing by to do taping, cleanup, drip patrol, or anything else I asked. We make a good team.

BB went to yoga with me for the first time & agrees that it's not a very good flow class, but Taya took some personal time with us after the class to help perfect our tadassana pose. Thatís one of the differences here in NZ; Taya thought nothing of staying to work with us for an additional 20 minutes, & the other teacher actually takes the time to serve tea after the class so that students can ask questions about the class or just socialize. Carmen from Dalai has come 3 times now; she's surprisingly dedicated even though the yoga is clearly difficult for her. I admire her tenacity.

We talked with Kurt the carpenter today about the pilothouse seat project, & paid him for putting the copper tops on the samson posts. He has finished the trim for the galley which I now need to varnish, is working on the trim & veneer on the bulkhead, & the veneer under the mast step area where we had the leak. Boy, do we have a lot of projects for him. So glad we found someone so reliable, friendly, & reasonably-priced.

says ADR

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