March 27, 2009

The boat barely moved all night. I don't even need to put the drain plugs in the sink; they are silent.

After breakfast of fruit with BB's homemade yogurt & toast with honey, we set out to try to swim outside the atoll, hoping that the surf would be calmer in the a.m. It was, but still not calm enough, as we learned the hard way. We had decided it was doable & sat down on the edge of the outer reef wall to don our fins during what we thought was a period of smaller waves, but a biggish one came along in only moments & bounced us both on our butts several feet. Very painful. I hollered as my glove tore & I felt my knuckle rip open. I foolishly had the camera on my wrist & in trying to ensure it didn't hit, I also banged my elbow & my foot on the coral rock. We were both thoroughly bruised  & rattled, & slunk away back across the dry coral Martian-looking landscape with our tails between our legs.

It's so interesting that there is this little oasis of a dozen palm trees & green grass out in middle of the expanse of coral & sand. There's a curved coconut tree in that oasis which made a comfy chaise lounge.

Baby black-tip sharks only 1.5' long frolicked in the shallow lagoons off the main lagoon, often swimming right up to the edge of the water with their dorsal fin above the surface. They're actually kinda cute!

We snorkeled for a long time back to the boat, BB taking photos while I dragged the buoys we'd found. Our stomachs were grumbling by the time we got back - 2pm!

We looked up many of the fish we'd seen after a delicious tuna sandwich. I repaired the mainsail cover & polished stainless.

The color of the water is so beautiful here, but it just doesn't show up in photos. It reflects off the bellies of the white terns though, turning them a marvelous shade of aqua as they skim above the water looking for fish. And several times a day, often at sunset or at night, there is a very lovely smell of some type of highly-perfumed tiare flower wafting over us from the island. It's dizzyingly strong sometimes. This is truly an idyllic anchorage.

says ADR